Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the way knowledgeable and experienced parties resolve their disputes. It has substantial advantages over trial in the court system or use of government administrative tribunals. It is almost always faster, cheaper, less disruptive to the parties’ business and personal lives and, because they control the process, ends with a result the parties find more acceptable.


Mediation is a negotiated settlement, reached through the use of an experienced third-party neutral, which allows the parties to craft a solution to a dispute they were not able to reach on their own. It has a success rate in commercial and construction disputes of over ninety percent which, when successful, saves the parties enormous litigation costs and substantial business disruption.


Arbitration is an adjudicated decision, like a trial verdict, but with many key advantages. The parties can tailor the process to match their dispute, which keeps business disruption and costs to a minimum. Because the parties pick the arbitrator, they can select someone who has the experience, knowledge of the industry and law unique to their dispute. It also allows the parties to customize the discovery process and permits a quicker, more streamlined hearing.


Geoffrey Chism is a mediator and arbitrator with more than thirty-five years of experience resolving some of the most complex construction and commercial disputes in the Pacific Northwest. He has represented parties ranging from the City of Seattle and many of the largest contractors in the world, down to small specialty subcontractors and individuals, in litigation in excess of one hundred million dollars, to simple homeowner boundary disputes. Yet, it has been said, he thinks like a businessman. That experience places him in a unique position to help parties resolve their construction and commercial disputes through mediation and arbitration in a manner that is faster, cheaper, and less disruptive than through the court system.

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