Arbitration is the process used by knowledgeable parties as the better alternative to resolving disputes in the courts or government administrative tribunals. Done right, it is cheaper, faster, and less disruptive to the parties personal and business lives. This is all accomplished by allowing the parties to control the process.

In arbitration, the parties can:

  • Select their own decision maker; the arbitrator
  • Tailor the discovery process to suit the issues, facts and size of their particular dispute
  • Agree to a less formal hearing with more focused and efficient procedures for presenting evidence than those used in the judicial system
  • Bifurcate the discovery and/or hearing processes in appropriate cases
  • Find an earlier hearing date than the one to two years now typical in the courts
  • Keep the entire process out of the public record


The right arbitrator can increase the effectiveness of arbitration by:

  • Urging the parties to take advantage of the flexibility of the arbitration process to customize it to their particular dispute
  • Participating, with the parties’ consent, in an active role in the customizing process and sharing experience in ways to make the arbitration more efficient and cost effective
  • Providing quick, informal, practical, real-time input to resolve discovery disputes
  • Bringing industry specific factual and legal experience to the arbitration

Geoffrey Chism brings over thirty-five years of experience litigating and arbitrating complex commercial and construction disputes to his role as arbitrator. That experience gives him great insight into what works in arbitration, and what does not. His intimate knowledge of construction and the legal issues involved in construction disputes makes him an ideal choice as an arbitrator in construction matters.

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